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Entertainment and Information

Lights, cameras, action. S&G offers entertainment facilities integrated control and automation solutions for a limitless number of video displays, audio systems, lighting scenes, environmental configurations, content management and delivery, and much more.

  • The modern courtroom has rapidly evolved into an environment that incorporates computer-generated recreations, video taped depositions, audio recordings and more. Using integration technology from S&G ultimately gives the judge and jury further insight into each testimony and a better determination of the facts.

  • S&G allows you to easily control and automate the audio and video programming in any size restaurant or sports bar. Create the ideal experience for customers with entertainment displays, performance sound systems, video distribution, raising and lowering motorized display lifts, lighting presets and audio controls.

  • As the number of wholesalers, mail order suppliers, and online vendors continues to climb, more and more retailers are beginning to recognize that a powerful, appealing image in the marketplace is often the key factor that provides distinction from competing companies and generates greater revenue. We provide an ideal solution for integrating the complex structure of in-store multi-media equipment and offers the capability to provide new content appropriate for the targeted clientele.