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Corporate Applications

S & G Technologies offers simplicity, efficiency, and productivity with cost-effective integrated automation and control solutions for today’s technology rich presentation facilities including media-driven presentations with participants in the room or audio conferencing or video conferencing.

  • In larger auditoriums or theater-style presentation facilities, it is important to manage the challenges that come with large presentation venues. S & G can control and automate the acoustics and sound systems, microphones, cameras, lighting, and other equipment involved with a speaker’s presentation, projecting the speaker’s message to the audience, allowing audience interaction, and the climate of multiple areas or zones of an auditorium.

  • To ensure a meeting runs seamlessly from beginning to end, our solutions maximize your communication experience in your meeting by automating and controlling environmental controls like HVAC, window treatments, and lighting presets, audio / video equipment like projectors and projection screens, DVDs and VCRs, microphones, cameras, speakers, computers and internet access, and electronic voting, all with touch panel technology.

  • From local law enforcement agencies to global communications operators, S&G Technologies effectively facilitates the command and control features of sophisticated network operations centers (NOC) around the world. Utilizing high-speed cabling, global Internet access and one-touch automation capabilities, a number of tasks can be accomplished efficiently and effectively. Let us help you to operate your network operations center with significant ease, reliability and peace of mind.

  • Whether a corporate training is local or has participants and presenters from remote locations around the world, we provide solutions to automate and control the electronics and content needed for world-class corporate education.